Our Promise

Our Promise to Clients

Members of CPI put the priorities of clients first and focus on:


Every step of CP is designed to keep the case moving forward. Face-to-face negotiations are designed to spare couples from the back-and-forth between lawyers. Respectful exchanges maintain momentum instead of delaying and derailing the process with hostility in an adversarial process. And keeping the divorce out of court means it can be settled without using the time-consuming litigation process. CP seeks to minimize all costs, financial and emotional.  CP is better for separating couples since it aims for a positive settlement for all parties.


Respect is the foundation of a Collaborative Divorce. It’s not only showing respect for one’s spouse, but it’s also showing respect to one’s self since individuals going through a divorce often devalue and blame themselves. In an atmosphere that encourages listening and empathy, negotiations are likely to proceed more smoothly, and the process moves to a conclusion more quickly. Respectful attitudes and actions set the tone for children and pave the way for cooperative parenting in the future.

Professional Service

A Collaborative Divorce assisted by a CPI member always involves a collaboratively trained professional and usually a collaborative team.  This may include a family lawyer advocating realistically for his or her client, a neutral financial specialist and a mental health professional. The experience and knowledge of the two family lawyers and the collaborative team help the divorcing couple make sound decisions about their future and craft a durable and long-lasting settlement.  Simply put, a full collaborative team can be a magical place for resolving disputes in a peaceful, amicable and acceptable manner.

Customized Results

Why have a court and a complete stranger (the Judge) impose their views on you and your family?  How would a stranger know what is right for your family and your children?  Take control.

CP places the outcome of the divorce back into the hands of parents and their collaborative professionals. Because the parents maintain control over their decisions, they can exercise more creativity in their solutions that a court-imposed settlement might provide. CP recognizes the unique circumstances of each family, rather than relying on a formulaic approach.

Saving The Golden Goose

Collaborative Divorce seeks to maximize and preserve assets, including the family business, rather than to expend them in a protracted and hostile process. A problem-solving approach is key to Collaborative Divorce, where the individuals and their collaborative professionals build separate futures from the available assets instead of destroying them.

Preserve Your Privacy

Who wants their pains, fears, and intimate personal problems aired publicly?  No one wants to hang out their dirty laundry.

Unlike a litigated divorce, all of the agreements and the information exchanged in CP remain private. Only the individuals and their collaborative team members are privy to the terms of the settlement.  This is a great option for couples who do not wish to have their private affairs discussed in a public court room.  This also helps to ensure privacy for family run business and fosters a process and result that ensures family run businesses can survive the pressures of a divorce proceeding.

If this approach makes sense and sounds right for you and your family, please give one of our professionals a call to learn more and take the first step to resolving your separation or divorce amicably and peacefully. Good luck.

For more information or if you’d like to engage a collaborative professional, please contact one of our members.